When I met Jim Breck Bean at the sheep show in Reno last year and told him I wanted to book a desert sheep Hunt for my 9 year old daughter, he was enthusiastically accepting and told me we could darn sure make it happen.  Taking a 9 year old girl on a hunt like this is a high bar to set for an outfitter.  I took my wife and both daughters to West Texas and his team greeted us at the ranch house.  From that moment, I could feel we were going to make a strong bond.  Jim Breck and his team worked extremely hard with Cami and had total faith that she could make it happen.  My wife and younger daughter Stormy were a big part of the hunt and were well taken care of.  Jim Breck and his team KNOW their sheep hunting!  I’ve hunted all over the world and Jim Brecks outfit is the best camp I have ever hunted.  Do not hesitate to book your hunt with Jim Breck! 

-Russell Cunningham