Desert Sheep hunting is one of the most prestigious hunts in the world, and is something we take very seriously here at HWO.  We take great pride in each clients trophy, and treat them as if it was our own.  Texas boasts a strong population of Deserts in multiple different rugged mountain ranges. The states total population is upwards of 1,500 animals, and the trophy quality is as good as anywhere in the world. All of our hunts are conducted on private landowner tags, which allows the booked client exclusive rights to that certain area. Sheep hunting is physically demanding, and will require a hunter to be in top mental and physical shape. 

The Texas Parks and Wildlife conducts their annual census survey to issue “general” permits in August of each year.  Once the survey is complete the numbers will be put into a formula, which will determine the number of tags issued in each respective mountain range.  Our permits are revealed by the first day of September each year, which will then be valid to hunt through the following July.  This 11 month season allows each customer a high success rate on large rams through a variety of different seasons.  

Each client is treated to a top knotch sheep hunt, and is provided with a governors tag type feel.  We pride ourselves in harvesting a mature 8+ year old average across the board each year, with many rams meeting the all-time B&C record book minimum.  Come out and see why Texas is one of the most proven states for their Desert Bighorn; and add to, or start your collection of Wild Sheep here with us.

Included in price:
10 days hunting 
2 Professional Guides
Field care of animal
Top quality pictures

Not included in price:
Alcoholic beverages
Texas Hunting License
Shipping of trophies 

Recommended Gear List:
Mesa Precision Arms 6.5 cal. or larger
Federal Ammunition Trophy Tip or Edge TLR
Kuiu Insulated Clothing (Winter, early Spring)
Kuiu Raingear (Chugach)
Kuiu Super Down PRO Jacket (Winter, early Spring)
Kuiu Peloton 240 Vest (Fall, Winter, Spring)
Kuiu Tiburon Clothing (late Spring, Summer, Fall)
Kuiu Lightweight Jacket (Fall, Spring)
Kuiu PRO 3600-6000 Pack
Kuiu Super Down Sleeping Bag 30 (Ask prior to your hunt)
Yeti Hopper Two 30 (If flying with cape)
Yeti Panga 50 Duffel Bag
Yeti Rambler 26oz Bottle
Swarovski/Leica 10x
Swarovski Spotting Scope
Hiking Boots (Kennetrek Mountain Extreme)
Texas General Big Game Hunting License (Desert Bighorn, Mule Deer, Pronghorn, Whitetail)
Non-Resident 5-Day Special type 157 (Aoudad, Exotics, Elk)

Please inform us before hand if you have any physical disabilities, so we can plan and prepare as needed. The terrain is rough, and the heat can be extreme during certain hunts.

I have been in the business and studied sheep since I was a young teenager, I grew up on a ranch that boasts a large population of this rare species. I have a love for hunting sheep that most people wouldn’t understand. I spend well over 200 days each year hunting some type of sheep, and have all the gear it takes to make your hunt a success. We hope you choose to book your hunt with us here at High West Outfitters. My staff and I are committed to giving you the hunt you deserve and a trophy of a lifetime!

Feel free to contact me for any additional Info/pricing!