Exotic hunting is a huge commodity and attraction here in the lone star state, and is a great off season experience. Here at HWO we have access to a large exotic ranch in the West Texas region, with the majority of the property being low fence. Our goal is to provide each customer with a true safari feel, and give them a real hunt. The property encompasses a 50,000 acre span, with a large variety of exotics. We can accommodate any group size, and provide each customer with their personal needs. Our exotic hunts are conducted on a spot and stalk style hunt, just as any other type of hunt we offer. Come and experience your next safari with us!

Recommended Gear List:
Mesa Precision Arms 6.5 cal. or larger
Federal Ammunition Trophy Tip or Edge TLR
Kuiu Insulated Clothing (Winter, early Spring)
Kuiu Raingear (Chugach)
Kuiu Super Down PRO Jacket (Winter, early Spring)
Kuiu Peloton 240 Vest (Fall, Winter, Spring)
Kuiu Tiburon Clothing (late Spring, Summer, Fall)
Kuiu Lightweight Jacket (Fall, Spring)
Kuiu PRO 3600-6000 Pack
Kuiu Super Down Sleeping Bag 30 (Ask prior to your hunt)
Yeti Hopper Two 30 (If flying with cape)
Yeti Panga 50 Duffel Bag
Yeti Rambler 26oz Bottle
Swarovski/Leica 10x
Swarovski Spotting Scope
Hiking Boots (Kennetrek Mountain Extreme)
Texas General Big Game Hunting License (Desert Bighorn, Mule Deer, Pronghorn, Whitetail)
Non-Resident 5-Day Special type 157 (Aoudad, Exotics, Elk)